groovy dude records

we want to make it easier for artists, bands, and record labels to sell vinyl online without the heavy upfront cost and inherent risk of having it made.

at the same time, from a listener's perspective, we want to make it easier for anyone to get the vinyl they want, without having to pay enormously inflated amounts for bootlegs or scalped copies.

for these reasons, we are excited to offer on demand order fulfillment through bandcamp.

it works like this: we can add physical merch to an existing album or assist with uploading files and artwork for a new one. when orders are placed, they come directly to us, although as the owner of the account, you can log into bandcamp at any time to see how many sales have been made. each record that is ordered will be cut, packaged, and shipped directly to the customer. we will keep our regular amount for producing the record (based on length and size) and send you the rest (minus bandcamp fees) via paypal. in this way, it is possible for you to make money selling records online without any upfront cost.

albums that we handle will appear on your own page, as well as in our store, increasing your traffic and visibility. we would like our store to be a destination for vinyl enthusiasts of all kinds to find unique sounds, so we are open to absolutely any genre of music at all.

if you have any further questions about working with us, or if you would like to sell your records in our store, please contact

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